Retail Store Tours Launches the World’s Largest Store Tour Program in New York City

Expert led, game-changing insights, immersive learning, best practices highlighted

Retail Store Tours ( a program from Consumers in Motion Group ( is launching the world’s largest store tour program in New York City on January 3,2022. The New York metro area offers executives the richest and most comprehensive array of retail innovation and best practices in the world as highlighted in this video overview of the program.


Retail Stores Tours are expert led, time efficient and designed to provide the insights to drive organizations forward. Each program is a curated tour of retail establishments, created with a specific theme designed to meet a particular learning or business objective. The stores provide management-level personnel, ranging from brand spokespeople to CEOs, to answer participants’ questions. The experiences are an investment that yields dividends in marketplace intelligence, team building, identifying best practices and new technologies. The initial launch will include twenty programs which are outlined below. Retail Store Tours are featured at NRF 2022: Retails’ Big Show event in New York City from January 16 to January 19. A comprehensive list of New York tour programs is listed below:

Corporate & VIP Tours

Retail Store Tours help your group discover new stores, experiences and new business models that are hidden all over the city and are relevant to your business.


Team Building: Helping Talent Thrive in-Person & Virtually

The in-person New York is the ultimate team building laboratory. The Learning Lab brings together leaders from Retail Store Tours system in the US via live and virtual to examine data from our evaluation tools, learn from each other, and collaborate to continuously improve.

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Grocery: Experience Best Practices in Grocery

The supermarkets of long aisles stocked with neat rows of packaged goods will soon be relics of the past. Innovative new groceries that offer locally sourced products, much deeper experiences are transforming the customer journey. Using artificial intelligence, they predict with great accuracy what customers want to buy and tell them where to find it in the store. Studies in Germany have shown that customers buy 15 percent more while spending 25 percent less time. Don’t you need to find out how this is being done?



SoHo: Visionary Innovation Meets Savvy Reinvention

Nowhere is the scale and diversity of retail more pronounced than in SoHo, known worldwide for its innovative artistry and artfulness. Here, retail is unbound, spilling all over the streets in a kaleidoscope of forms. Side by side with iconic stores are avant-garde pop-ups that won’t be around tomorrow. The randomness is inspirational, and it adds to the neighborhood’s excitement. We’ll show you why SoHo is the place that old stores come to reinvent themselves.


The Meatpacking District: Where Companies Reinvent Themselves

The Meatpacking District is a neighborhood on the far west side of Manhattan. Continuing a transformation that began in the 1990s, the area is now home to the famed High Line linear park and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In the last 20 years, fashion and graphic designers, architects, artists, restaurateurs, world-renowned stylists and corporate headquarters have moved in alongside existing meatpacking plants. It is the home of innovative stores such as the new Google store, Restoration Hardware, the Samsung Innovation Center, Warby Parker, Sephora and much more.



Madison Avenue: The Global Center of Luxury Retail

The Madison Avenue Store Tour will allow guests to discover and experience what’s behind the bricks and mortar of these internationally famous luxury emporiums and heritage brands. A leading connoisseur and chronicler will guide guests through an exclusive, curated experience to expand their appetite and appreciation of the artistry of design. Guests will meet the makers and the brand ambassadors who will share the creators' stories.


American Dream: The Future of Retail Experience

American Dream has been called one of the seven wonders of the retail world and is the most significant retail event since the opening of Disneyland and Walt Disney World with over 400 stores and attractions. Designed for Instagram and TikTok spots. It is among the most technologically advanced shopping centers in world and leading brands such as Hermes, Zara, Primark and many more have their flagship stores at American Dream.


The Oculus: Every Store Has a Story (Westfield World Trade Center & Brookfield Place)

This survey of the Oculus district takes you on a tour of the recent history of retail disruption. We’ll escort you to the Apple Store, which pioneered evaluating staff based on kindness and empathy. We’ll take you to Casper Sleep, which found a way to compress mattresses into boxes. We’ll stop by the stark Amazon Go, which has done away with checkout, and then take in the voluptuous Eataly, where children take cooking classes while the store sommelier educates parents on the latest Tuscan reds.


Union Square: Where Experience & Imagination Meet

Union Square, NYC shops have something for everyone. There is a wide variety of stores that range from clothing to books and music to beyond, it's easy to spend an entire day shopping in Union Square. New business model is fitness, family experiences, fashion and furniture are found in Union Square.


Times Square: Crossroads of Digital Retail Innovation

Sometimes referred to as “The Crossroads of the World,” Times Square is a tourist destination and major commercial intersection, with the nearly overwhelming billboards and bustle to prove it. With nearly 330,000 people passing through Times Square on a daily basis, its considered the most visited place globally.


Hudson Yards: Merging Brick-and-Mortar with Digital

The newest shopping center in the city, Hudson Yards represents the state of retail today. A vertical mall that’s easy to navigate, it’s a remarkable riff on the concept of New Retail pioneered in China by Alibaba founder Jack Ma. From out-of-the-box mindfulness to participatory experiences to luxury brands reinventing themselves, Hudson Yards offers in a single structure the best of what leading-edge retail has to offer. We’ll guide your through its walking narrative.


Williamsburg: Where Trends, Technology & New Business Models are Created

Well over a decade ago, an influx of artists and musicians made Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood trendy. Retro-style bars flourished. Today we find existing brands such as Apple and Alo Yoga in forms and formats unique in the world. New creative concepts are always being created in Williamsburg.


Industry City: The Destination for Creators, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Pioneers

Industry City is a community of designers, thinkers, and creators. A diverse multi-generational ecosystem, where emerging brands and established ones, artisans and entrepreneurs meet, connect, and cross-pollinate across industry lines. Industry City is a one-stop destination of experiences, eateries, events and everything in between.


Dumbo: Original Boutiques, Restaurants, New Concepts

Brooklyn's DUMBO (which stands for "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass") is a once-industrial neighborhood that has transformed into an artsy hotspot for shops, restaurants, and start-up businesses.


Atlantic Avenue: Where New Business Models & Ideas Are Born

Atlantic Avenue offers a variety of businesses, from antique shops and high end clothing boutiques to perfumeries. Meet the executives who are creating new businesses and concepts.


Automotive: Creating A New Standard for Customer Engagement

Auto showroom experience design is a manifestation of the customer journey and a brand’s DNA—innovative technology to engage consumers to think differently about the company and to inspire a creative customer base.


Sustainability Growth with Social Responsibility in Practice

Fair trade. A small carbon footprint. A transparent supply chain. More retailers are shaping their business models around these principles because more customers are demanding sustainable practices and are willing to pay for them. Making sustainability work for your business involves blending store design, staff training, and the human touch to create a museum-quality experience that brings customers into your narrative. We’ll show you how it’s done.


Beauty: The Power of the Human Touch & Technology

It used to be that changing your makeup regimen meant sitting at a beauty counter for hours, applying and removing different combinations of foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick until you found just the right one. No longer. All of that has been made obsolete by facial recognition software, hydration meters. SkinIQ, and even more advanced diagnostic capabilities. This tour brings you to the cutting edge of virtual artistry and extreme personalization in the beauty industry.


Luxury: Creativity, Quality and Excellence

Experience the very best of luxury retail stores by joining us for a guided tour of stores by top industry professionals. Participants will experience a selection of luxury stores in premier New York City retail locations and will be presented with features and behind-the-scenes insights by brand representatives. We encourage participants to touch, see, listen, learn, spark dialogue, and network.


Fashion: Creativity, Imagination In High-End Ready To Wear Fashion

Success in the fashion industry has always belonged to the fast movers who adapt rapidly to changes in consumer behavior. So what do consumers want now? The answer is an experience. They want to be put at ease while they shop with some Brahms, perhaps, or a flute of champagne. They want video screens to show them what clothes will look good on them without having to try the clothes on. Only in the fashion capital that is New York can you see how the top designers are responding.


About Retail Store Tours

Retail Store Tours was developed to provide the inspiration, know-how and experiences decision-makers need to lead their companies. Retail Store Tours operates in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Retail Store Tours has been the official Guided Retail Store Tours of the National Retail Federation: Retail’s Big Show since 2017. It has been widely covered in Women Wear Daily, Forbes, The Associated Press and industry publications.


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Consumers in Motion Group helps companies get to the future faster. We work with CEOs, BODs and executive teams who want to stay on the cutting edge of business and innovation. We believe that experiences are the best teachers. Our expertise is retail, media and entertainment, advertising and technology.

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