Keynote Speaker

Identify opportunities for performance and revenue growth

The Consumers in Motion Group's Intelligent Engagement Index© is a tool that specifically identifies the key factors that have a direct impact on both a company's revenue and its overall performance.

Our keynotes are among the best in the business for getting an early look at marketplace trends and opportunities. Retail Store Tours collects real-time proprietary data and insights from markets worldwide. This provides a real-time view of competitive activity and new products and services important to your company.

The power of connecting internal teams with today’s trends and technologies helps identify growth opportunities for your company’s success. Looking beyond conventional thinking and reaching out to companies outside your industry is a way to learn quickly and efficiently. For example, learning from John Deere how their intelligent machines use machine learning technology to take the right action could be a way for your company to learn the best practices in AI.

We are laser focused on what the future holds for business and how you can create the future you want. We have accurately identified the drivers of change over the last three decades. Dan believes that the future starts with an understanding how we got to where we are today and finding ways to shorten the innovation cycle. He has spoken at the largest and most prestigious events around the world.