Intelligent Engagement Index ©

Consumers in Motion Group conducted extensive field research into the factors that most directly influence retail sales.

The Human Touch

The ability to empathize with customers is crucial to retail and overall business success.

The Use of Technology

Technology that interacts with shoppers as part of their in-store experience is now a winning play.

Store Design

The best store designs match form with function. Google is the poster child for intentional store design execution which features a minimalist approach that mimics the sleekness of Apple's products and implies accessibility and ease of use

The Brand Story

An engaging brand story, often traceable to a visionary founder or a particular market need, helps to cultivate customer loyalty and often can transform loyal customers into brand evangelists.

Employee Training

The general rule in retail is to hire for attitude and train for skill. This presumes, of course, that the training is well executed.

The Ability To Change

The ability to capitalize on rapidly changing trends in consumer behavior is usually the trait that most accurately distinguishes winning brands.

Unique Value Proposition

It should go without saying that a store offering distinctive products within a unique, focused concept is destined for success.

Shopper Safety

Kroger, under the leadership of Rodney McMullen, shared their “Blueprint for Business,” which is the best practices in dealing with store associates and customers for COVID-19 in real time.

The Intelligent Engagement Index© is a tool to help executives identify factors driving sales in real time with the goal of improving company performance.

It helps executives stay ahead of changes in shopper behavior and develop growth-driving programs based on real time feedback.

The Intelligent Engagement Index is available in major cities and countries around the world.

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