Insadong Shopping Street


The abundance of wooden tea houses, boutique galleries and street vendors offering traditional Korean snacks makes Insa-dong street in Seoul a true magnet for visitors of the Korean capital. Alongside the free entertainment the area is famous for, Insa-dong is also one of the key destinations in the city for buying traditional Korean art, products and souvenirs, such as hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), traditional teas, pottery, and folk crafts.

There is a plethora of antique shops, art galleries, traditional stationery shops, handicraft shops, pottery and porcelain shops, bookstores and art supply stores. On top of that, there are almost one hundred restaurants specializing in traditional Korean cuisine. With such a variety on offer, one is really bound to be spoilt for choice here.

On Sundays the street turns pedestrian-only and is flooded with street performers, buskers and the lively crowds of young and old rushing to enjoy one of Seoul’s most exiting and creative neighborhoods. The tastefully decorated traditional teashops invite passers-by to relax in a calm zen-like atmosphere.  

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