Retail Store Tours China Kick Off in Shanghai Friday, August 23, 2019

Shanghai and China stand out in forward thinking business models and with the retail formats winning in retail today. 

SHANGHAI, August 22, 2019 – Retail Store Tours a division of Consumers In Motion (CIM) Tours, is launching Retail Store Tours China in Shanghai this Friday, August 23. “In reviewing the retail innovation around the world Shanghai and China stand out in forward thinking business models and with the retail formats winning in retail today,” said Dan Hodges, CEO.

The Shanghai experience starts with a guided tour of the Starbucks Roastery by the architects who designed the store. We will review the customer journey and the many innovations in this exciting and immersive behind the scenes experience. Next we will visit Shui On Xintiandi which is the first female only themed shopping center led by the center’s management team. This full day experience will visit innovative stores on Huaihai Middle Road and other centers of innovation in Shanghai.  

People who have heard a lot about China but haven’t traveled there can be excused for thinking most Chinese retail takes place online. In fact, a recent Ministry of Commerce report showed that online activity in China makes up less than one-fifth of total retail sales. That’s because most Chinese consumers continue to shop at brick-and-mortar stores — which is why New Retail has much more in common with traditional retail than most people understand. Despite all the doomsayers prophesying the coming retail apocalypse, the demonstrated success of New Retail in China shows us conclusively that a future does exist for legacy brick-and-mortar stores.

Based on exclusive research, Retail Store Tours has outlined six key factors for retail success, used to help select the store brands for the tours:

The Human Touch: Stores that hire sales associates based on their kindness and evaluates them based on customer empathy;

Employee Training: Constantly training employees to update their product knowledge and people skills;

Use of Technology: Custom engagement technology that interacts with shoppers in-store;

Business Models: Companies focused on personalization and customization are winning in marketplace;

Store Design: A minimalist approach based on a clutter-free and high engagement environment;

Customer Management: Having store associates that use the personal touch combined with technical tools to engage and co-create the shopping experience

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