Reinventing Physical Retail

Dan Hodges, CEO of CIM Tours and Founder of Fashion Week Store Tours will moderate a discussion on “Reinventing Physical Retail” at the premiere of REMODE. REMODE is an event that brings the entire industry’s brightest and boldest minds together to change fashion for the better. In a world where the fashion industry is the second largest polluter and the consumer is the new channel, the industry must evolve with clear purpose and transparency. From the yarn to the final consumer, design to manufacturing, and financing to marketing, the industry’s entire value chain must move towards a more sustainable and omni-channel business.

The panel will discuss that brands, retailers, and mall owners alike are increasingly testing new concepts in physical retail. New formats such as popups are gaining popularity among both online-only and traditional brands, who are using them to increase customer engagement, launch limited edition products, or test new markets. In addition, retailers and mall owners are adding experiences, events, and services to attract foot traffic. In this session, industry experts will discuss which concepts are proving successful and how in-person fashion retail is likely to evolve in the future.

The panelist include Liza Cantu, Digitally-Native and Emerging Brands, Westfield

Richard Found, Director, Founder Associates, Krista Boyer, President and Founder, Retail for the People and Ross Bailey, CEO, Appear Here on Wednesday, Nov 14 at 2:40 PM PST

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