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Retail Store Tours offers programs in Europe, Asia Africa and the Middle East.

Over the past decade, we have worked with executives from Fortune 500 companies. We are global leaders in immersive learning combined with team-building experiences. We tailor each program based on your business objectives. Our programs have produced superior results and game-changing insights for executives and the companies they lead. We provide a service that assesses your company’s place in today’s marketplace and identifies opportunities for innovation and revenue growth.


“Our company achieved four months of business development in two days.”
- CEO, European Automotive

“Retail Store Tours showed me new retail concepts relevant to our business and inspired new ideas.”
- Director, Store of the Future, PepsiCo

“We got insights into technical innovation that would have taken us months to achieve.”
- CIO, U.S. Grocery Company

Key Benefits

The benefits of combining a strategic retail store tour with team building are enormous. Our Retail Store Tours program provides participants with a real-time window into global innovation and best practices in retail. We work across a wide variety of retail formats in grocery, beauty, fashion, luxury, food, automotive, sustainability, travel, technology, traditional retail and pop-ups from around the world.

Real-Time Innovation

The programs range in duration from two hours to four days. We recommend groups of no more than fifteen executives.

The Immersive Learning + Team Building program is time-efficient, expertly led and customized based on your business objective.

Get to the Future Faster with Immersive Learning + Team Building with Retail Store Tours

The corporate immersive learning and team-building activities can be adapted for large groups and smaller teams as well.

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