January 13 & 17, 2018
New York City
Oculus / Soho

January 13 & 17, 2018

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With 365,000 square feet (33,900 m2) of retail space, the Oculus is the newest and largest shopping mall in Manhattan.

Visit up to ten carefully curated cutting-edge retailers that are using new technology and consumer insights combined with innovative store designs to drive retail engagement and sales.

Meet fellow retail innovators from around the world who will be attending the Big Show. Gather the insights, connections and knowledge to drive innovation in your organization.



SoHo boasts some of the world’s most innovative stores, which are rewriting the rules of retail engagement through avant-garde technology and design.

Join us as we learn about the in-store customer experience at up to ten retail locations. We will examine brands in the context of their store environments. Prepare to experience best practices for designing product displays, services, and technologies and crafting the right atmosphere for your brand. We will examine each brand approach and identify insights that could help your organization.



Tour Schedule

11 am – 3 pm
12 pm – 4 pm
1 pm – 5 pm



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Store Visits


Language Translation

Language translators are available upon request. Additional fees will be applicable. Contact us to request.