How to Launch a Global Data Center as a Luxury Brand

Our team created one of the most successful data center launches in Europe in August of 2017. Many have asked us how we did it, but our response is that why we did it is more important. In short, our CEOs wanted to build an enterprise that would harness the power of nature and the human resources of the community in a responsible, sustainable manner. Combining data with nature creates a better future for all. We took a page from the luxury industry in marketing and communicating our value proposition.

How successful was the launch?

Our launch reached seven hundred million people around the world, and we were featured in eight hundred publications worldwide. BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg, CNBC, and hundreds of others covered the launch ( Co-CEO’s Mark Robinson and Havard Lillebo conducted over one hundred interviews during this time.

Why are data centers important?

People use data in their everyday lives. They check the weather forecast, learn how their favorite team performed, or navigate a road when they are driving. The explosive growth of this demand is fueling the need for data centers. Data is at the center of our lives, and we believe that today’s successful data center launches have six important characteristics. Data, personalization and AI will all be drivers in the luxury industry.

What lessons can you learn for your brand or business?

We utilized the our six “Cs” process to launch the data center.

Communications: We found that simple, clear communications worked best for our launch plan. Sustainability, emotion and brand purpose were the key communication points. We selected Bartok, a New York City­–based luxury design and digital agency, for the brand identity and website creation. The press efforts we led by Warren Getler of Getler Strategic Communications

Community: A data center typically is a large structure that consumes power and generates very high noise levels. Instead of sequestering the data center, we wanted it to be integrated into the community. In order to meet the stringent design requirements that would make that possible, our CEOs launched a global request for proposals from the largest architecture firms in the world. HDR was selected based on their ability to understand both the culture and the community.

HDR Kolos Welcome Center

Connectivity: Plentiful power and fiber connections are at the core of a data center, and this location had both.

Conservation: Data centers both require energy to operate and generate a tremendous amount of heat, which in turn requires a large amount of power to counteract. We selected an area in northern Norway that could power the data center with one hundred percent sustainable energy, and we developed a way to use the heat generated in a responsible, eco-friendly manner. We were honored to have Norway’s Minister of Climate and the Environment, Vidar Helgesen, spoke at our press conference.

Kolos: Powering The Future Video:

Culture: The area we selected for the data center has a rich cultural and natural legacy. HDR created a design that was respectful of both the culture and the stunning geography of the region.

HDR Kolos Design Site Overview

Cooperation: The process of engaging the community started many months before the project’s conception. We communicated and shared the branding, data center site design, and all the details with local officials involved in the project.

When brands use the six “Cs” process applied against any brand launch, the results will be impressive.

Kolos website: Kolos was sold Hive Blockchain in 2018.